Letters to/from the City

The letters displayed below are in listed descending chronological order. The first page of each letter is displayed so that you can easily determine if it’s of interest to you.

To download one of the letters displayed below in its entirety, simply click on the image of the letter that you’d like to read.  The letter will then begin downloading to your computer. (Adobe PDF format.)

The ACLU of Ohio wrote this letter to the city concerning the handling of the referendum petitions circulated by P.O.I.N.T. members.

Piqua City manager Fred Enderle writing on behalf of the commissioners responds to Chuck Starrett's letter (seen directly below this letter). Starrett specifically addressed his letter exclusively to the city commissioners but the only response he received was this one.

Chuck Starrett's original letter to the city commissioners asking for among other things, some answers to questions about financing the operation and maintenance of Piqua Plaza. (Those questions are on page 2 of his letter so you'll need to download the letter to read that portion.).