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Presentation: “Why Publicly Owned Fiber is the Answer to our Broadband Needs”

Russell Senior of Portland’s highly regarded Personal Telco Project advocates publicly owned fiber deployments for the city of Portland.


Progessive Cities Deploy “Open Source” Software & Save Huge $$

Northglenn, Colorado is one example of a city that has saved money by replacing older Microsoft Windows-centric “nickel and dime you to death” solutions with “open source” based solutions. Christine Martinez, who was a City of Northglenn system analyst at the time of that city’s switch, was a presenter at the 2007 National Association of Government Webmasters Conference. Her presentation included a very nice slideshow outlining the process.

You can either view her presentation via Google Docs or click on the image below to download the presentation as a printable version exported to an Adobe PDF file — it’s a fairly large (3.41 MB) download, but it also includes all the speaker’s notes.

This slide from the presentation gives an overview of how the city of Northglenn, CO uses open source to digitally record and stream meeting content on demand to any potential listener at the listener's convenience.
This slide from the presentation gives an overview of how the city of Northglenn, CO uses open source software to digitally record their meetings, as well as deliver the digtally recorded content from the meeting on demand to anyone who requests it. By using the internet as the delivery mechansim, the entire process is completely automated.

Lo-mow, No-mow grass

Note: These new genetically altered grasses were only perfected in late 2006. That fact is not mentioned below. The following article is quoted verbatim from the original source:

Low-mow (even no-mow) lawns tested by city (Cleveland, OH)

Posted by Michael Scott December 31, 2007 21:00PM

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Don’t toss out your Toro or fire the landscapers just yet, but get ready for the next thing in green living by next summer: Low-mow (even no-mow) lawns.

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