Recall Petition Process Update

Posted: October 6, 2010 by P.O.I.N.T. in All, Breaking News

First off, we’d like to thank all who signed the recall petitions and the support we’ve received from others who wanted to sign, but felt that they might place themselves in jeopardy by signing the petitions.

Despite our continued assertions that recall petitions provided by the city staff were missing a key sentence (see the previous post in this blog for complete details), we were inevitably left with no alternative but to circulate the petitions the city staff had prepared.  Although the recall petitions had been signed for and picked up (by President Jim Cruse) from the city clerk on Sept. 7th, we did not have assurances that we needed in order to feel comfortable circulating the petitions until Sept. 15th.  After two more days of internal discussions (which cost us more time out of the 30 day clock that had started ticking when the petitions were picked up), we concluded that we had no alternative other than to circulate the petitions — flawed or not.

On the morning of Sept. 18th, our petition circulation process began. Last night, which was just a little over two weeks and two days since the circulation of the petitions had begun, we decided to end the process prematurely.  According to Section 121 of the Piqua City Charter, in order for a recall petition to be sufficient, it “must bear the signatures of 1,000 registered voters of the City of Piqua“. Having obtained approximately 1,200 signatures on each of the 4 sets of petitions papers (one set for each commissioner being recalled), we felt that to continue to collect further signatures would simply place more burden on all involved in this unpleasant but unfortunately inevitable process.

This morning the signed and attested petitions were turned into the city clerk. Our own tally of the signatures collected from city residents in support of recalling the 4 commissioners are as follows:

Lucy Fess – 1199 signatures

Judy Terry – 1204 signatures

Bill Vogt – 1200 signatures

Joe Wilson – 1204 signatures

The site will be updated as the petitions move through the certification process.

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