November 2007 Meeting Minutes

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P.O.I.N.T membership met at the Loyal Order of the Moose November 13, 2007. Chuck Starrett opened the meeting and welcomes all members and visitors.

Dick Haynes read the minutes of the October 9, 2007 meeting and gave treasurers report. Chuck requested a vote to approve the minutes. Motion made by Linda Stout and seconded by Chet Osborne. Minutes were approved by show of hands.

Discussion of the election results began with feedback from Bill Vogt. Bill feels he will have some allies in controlling the city administration. Housing providers must be proactive in keeping their properties in good repair to avoid being cited by the city’s inspectors. If the housing provider has a conversation with a city employee about a property document everything.

The city administration has decided that the courts don’t work for their agenda so they are attempting to convert all property issues into civil attraction that will allow them to take action against the property, such as sending contractors on to property to correct issue. The property owner should question contractor about his right to be on the property.

POINT members need to be proactive in preventing a lot of legislation being passed before January 1.

Question was posed by Luke Bolin as to the results of the 340 provisional ballots.

A suggestion on the floor was to change the city charter to require promotion from with in the city government and the city population before going outside the city for employees.

John Martin, commissioner elect, brought 3 new pieces of legislation the administration wants to get passed by the commission before January 1 — they are:

1. If a business is shut down for 1 year and 1 day and if the property required a nonconforming use to the zoning that property will go back to the original zoning.
2. Legislation includes property inspections to be charged with initial free, followup free, 3rd $50, 4th $75 and 5th $100.
3. Grass and noxious weeds ordinance.

City to leave door hangers at property and send housing provider a notification letter.

1100 violations were issued in the month of October, at that rate every house in the city will has a violation issued every 8.1 months. City employees not working with the citizens they are just intimidating them.

Irv Baltes brought in a list of sex offenders in the county. The housing provider can refuse to rent to a known sex offender.

Chuck brought up umbrella insurance and what it would cover. The umbrella policy can cover incidences not covered by other policies like home or auto. It could cover a person helping with property repairs that is not covered by workman comp.

Note if you are going to let someone drive your vehicle you might want to have your insurance agent check that persons driving record to make sure your auto insurance will cover him.

December meeting will be short and include refreshments spouses are invited.

Chuck to contact Skip Murray, to see if he will share his experiences rehabbing houses.

January meeting we will try to have an accountant to talk about tax issues.

Board meeting set for December 3, at Cracker Barrel.

Motion to adjourn by Roy Howard second by Bill Hemmert for adjournment was made at 8:36 pm.


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